Whether you want to escape the cold season and enjoy your favorite game all year round or wish to explore the world’s most beautiful golf courses, a golf holiday is in order.

Even if you are not a golf guru, a chance to combine a great holiday with new game experiences is hard to pass by.

Let’s take a look at a few smart tips to make your golfing vacation even more exciting:

Choose The Right City

While many countries offer golf courses, only a few provide a truly exciting luxury experience. The top picks for a grand holiday are:

  • Barbados – Sandy Lane’s Green Monkey
  • Florida, USA – Four Disney World Courses
  • George, South Africa – Fancourt
  • Tenerife, Spain – Abama Resort
  • Cyprus – Aphrodite Hills
  • Turkey – Cornelia Resort

All these destinations offer large golf courses, excellent weather as well as sightseeing and sunbathing opportunities.

Find The Best Traveling Companions

Going on a golf holiday on your own may be fun but traveling with a companion will make it much more exciting.

If you manage to find a big group, you can get some great discounts. The deals usually start from a group of eight. However, you may get some freebies for fewer people as well.

Consider The Heat

Most of the golfing holiday destinations imply hot sun. Are you a fan of the steaming heat so you can get some sunbathing during the trip as well?

If not, you need to do some more research on the destinations. Most of the time the cooler off-season in Turkey, Tenerife, Hawaii and such entails rainy weather. So check out the likelihood of precipitation.

Spain and Portugal offer mild weather during the winter.

Read The Rules

Many golf courses have their own set of strict rules.

While the dress code is mostly the same for all of them, some may require golf shoes with soft spikes or with no spikes at all. So be careful about what golf attire you take with you.

Dress Right

Besides taking the right golf gear with you, think about the weather in general. When you travel to sunny destinations during the off-season, you may face cool nights and rainy days.

Make sure to pack your bags accordingly.

Think About Renting Clubs

Most of the golf destinations offer you a chance to rent clubs at a fair price.

This can significantly reduce the weight and size of your luggage. However, they won’t be your clubs and you may need time to get used to them.


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