If you are an adventurous person, then you probably want to experience the sight of an erupting volcano. It is a one-of-a-kind experience and not all of us are brave enough to see it.

If you are up to the challenge, these are the world’s most famous volcanoes to choose from.

The World’s Most Famous Volcanoes 

1) Vesuvius in Italy

This volcano is the landmark of Naples, Italy, as it sits just in its backdrop.

Behind the city of Naples, the ominous silhouette of Mount Vesuvius rises majestically. Like a sleeping giant, it rests there, always ready to raise its head and spew glowing lava over the land – Campania’s mountain of fate.

At the foot of this giant stretches an area of almost 500 square kilometers, with an impressive circumference of 80 kilometers and a height of more than 1,280 meters.

The volcano’s eruptions are known for their high explosiveness; plinian eruptions produce columns of volcanic material several kilometers high. In a second phase, dust and ash clouds collapse to form pyroclastic flows: a mixture of gases in solid form shoots down the mountain at speeds of up to 700 kilometers per hour, unleashing enormous destructive force.

This volcano is world-famous thanks to the enormous damage and tragedy caused by Vesuvius in 19 AD. Now, the affected settlements of Pompeii are safe under the protection of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This volcano is one of the most popular destinations in Italy and for sure it is a must-see. It is really a thrilling experience. Make sure to book a volcano tour.

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2) Mt Etna in Sicily, Italy

Of course, this active volcano is one of the famous volcanoes because it is the most visited volcano. This is due to the fact that it can be reached easily. There are many excursions and tours organized here, so you can book your ticket and explore it while learning its history. Here you will make a lifetime of memories! Make sure to add a tour of Mt Etna on your Sicily itinerary.

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Famous volcanoes
Famous volcanoes

3) Kilauea, Hawaii, USA

This volcano is situated on the Big Island of Hawaii in the USA and is very active! This constant activity means that this volcano is constantly erupting lava and if you are in search of excitement, this is your destination! The thrill is absolutely amazing, as well as its unique aesthetic. If you are not brave enough to visit by foot, you can visit by helicopter. Either way, it is a very unique opportunity. Make sure to book a tour of the famous Volcanoes National Park and Kilauea.

4) Eyjafjallajökul in Iceland

This volcano caused local chaos in 2010 and it is probably the scariest one yet. Eyjafjallajökul has people scared on a global level! Both the volcano and country of Iceland offer an amazing experience when exploring the waterfalls or the glaciers. This place should be on your must-visit list, as it is one of the most famous volcanoes for a reason. Feel the spray of the Gullfoss Waterfall and look into a volcanic crater at Kerið.

5) Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Watching this volcano will seem like an animated movie because the shape, the sightseeing, and the red lava make this volcano the most picturesque of them all. It offers astonishing views and a one of a kind experience. There are also many other things to do and visit when in Costa Rica. You can book a Arenal Volcano Raft and Rappel adventure.

Costa Rica Arenal Volcano
Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano

6) Mount Fuji, Japan

This is another very amazing and active volcano – which is probably the biggest and the highest of them all. The latest time when Fuji was active was in 1700, and there are no dangers predicted in near future. However, just the sight of this volcano is scary enough. You can book a day tour to Mount Fuji from Tokyo.

7) Nyiragongo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The last but not least on the world’s most famous volcanoes list is Nyiragongo in the Congo, which is located in Virunga Park. This park together with the volcano offers an enchanting experience and views. It is a must-visit!


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