Travelling, even backpacking, can cost a lot of money and that means we have to be more conscious about budget. 

If we are going to be able to visit those far off destinations we have always dreamed about and spend a decent amount of time there then this is vital.

We need to find ways to save money while still travelling as much so we have to create a travel budget and try to spend accordingly to that or risk an early flight home.  Be a bit more strategic about planning our next backpacking adventure.

Let’s take a look at how to travel the world on a budget and make the most out of every adventure:

Create a travel budget

Using your credit card points to pay for airfare, accommodation and transportation is a great way to travel on a budget if you have them that is. Many credit card companies offer reward points or miles every time you use them so you can earn a trip just by paying your bills, shopping and using your credit card anywhere you spend money.

Choose a Budget Airline

There are many budget airlines that offer cheap flights to almost anywhere in the world. They might not have as many features and amenities as expensive airlines, but they still provide the same service.  If you are in the UK check out Jacks flight club, these guys send you an email telling you the best prices for longer distance flights really handy for a £400 flight to Australia for a recent example.

Or, read about how to find cheap flight tickets using a VPN.

Tip: Download the Colibra app before flying and get paid every time your flight gets delayed by more than an hour – something that is happening quite often in Covid-times.

Be Flexible

You can save a loads of money on your flight by being flexible with your schedule.  Take a less than ideal flight in the middle of the night or one that has additional layovers and you will see the price drop.  Alternatively look at a multi stop open dated ticket to cover the countries you want to visit.  You can get these for up to a year and the prices are great.

Searching for flights on Expedia allows you to be flexible in your search.

how to travel the world on a budget
How To Travel the World on a Budget

Split the Costs

Travel with friends or family and split the cost of accommodation, hire cars, food bills and ask for group discounts. This will save you all a lot of money and give you a travelling companion to share your adventure with.

Take a Road Trip

On average, road trips cost almost 40% less than all included options.  They provide the same amount of fun and adventure but when you take a road trip, you get to see more and experience more of the local culture and meet new peoples. You might even find things you wouldn’t expect on the usual tourist routes such as a hidden trail, off the beaten track and perfect for a few hours exploring.

Use Public Transportation

If it is too far to walk or you don’t have time, public transport and bicycle rental services can save you a lot of money.  Not only that but these methods of travel give you a more personal view of your destination through the eyes of the locals.

Things to do in Helsinki, Finland
Public transport in Helsinki, Finland

How to create a travel budget

Plan ahead and save up money ahead of time. You’ll learn how to travel the world on a budget once you’re actually doing it. However, it can’t hurt to have a little windfall saved up before your departure date. Start reducing your expenditure every month until you have saved up some extra travel money. You could use this as pocket money on your trip.

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