This travel tip is about a 3 nights / 4 days trip to Kyushu in Japan.

I stayed near Hakata station for 3 nights and took the express train and JR to look around.

I choose the KRP (Kyushu Rain Pass) to explore Kyushu. This is a package for a two way ferry and JR in Kyushu. You can use every line of JR in Kyushu for free with this pass, and you can reserve a seat at express if you want.

This ferry leaves at Busan (Very South of Korea) so if you think about cost wise, the train to Busan + KRP is not a very cheap deal, but I wanted to try a different way to travel.

Day 1: Getting there:

take a ferry (Busan-Korea to Hakata-Japan) and hang out in Hakata station. It took less than 3 hours. There’s a jet engine ferry and it runs surprisingly fast. Frankly this is the most frightened ride I’ve ever experienced. The first floor area is at the same level as the ocean. So when there’s a wave, which hits the ferry, you can see it and feel the power of the wave, even if there is a window between you and the ocean. Because of the speed, the boat crashes the waves so much and it makes a bombing sound. Sounds awful? But I say, worth to try.

Hakata station has a lot to see like many bars, shops and convenience stores. Hang out here and take some rest with your frighten heart.

Day 2. Huis Ten Bosch

You can buy a “One day Huis Ten Bosch” online beforehand. Take an express to Huis Ten Bosch Station. It takes about one and a half hour. This is a Netherland Theme park. Just so adorable! Looks like any theme park but the decorations and all the Netherland cultural shops makes the difference. Take whole day to look and enjoy Huis Ten Bosch. Just take the same express to Hakata station.

Day 3. Hot spring day

Hakata station –> Yufuin –> Beppu

Yufuin is very popular for women, they said. Because this area has many pretty cafes and there is a lot of beautiful nature. I walked around and found really beautiful fields, and it was raining at that time. A perfect moment. In Yufuin I also had one of my best cakes. Little roll cake with cream. Very simple, but my tongue almost never feelt the cake’s touch. That soft.

Beppu is famous about hot spring. All of this area is hot spring. Even better, many delicious restaurants are in the main street of Beppu. I had ramen for lunch. Yam!

There are 9 different hell experiences called ‘nine hells of Beppu’. And I choose the most famous ‘???’(Sea hell). It’s called like that because of the water in here is colored cobalt blue. This is not ‘put your body in’ hot spring. This is a look and feel hot spring. And be careful. There is actually a “Danger” place. You can feel the mysterious Mother Nature’s will here. After that I went to a real hot spring for my tired body. Water feels real smooth. Best hot spring ever!

Then take the supersonic (express train) to Hakata station.

Day 4. Fukuoka Tower and home

Take back 3 days of the trip and go up to Fukuoka tower. It was little cloudy but it feels great.


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