Dubai, being a most popular tourist destination, is pretty famous for its rich culture and traditions.

One can find lots of tourist attractions where the heritage, culture and traditions in Dubai are displayed in a very tourist-friendly manner and can be discovered while on a vacation.

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Where to Experience the Culture and Traditions in Dubai

Dubai Has Something for Everyone

Dubai is rapidly evolving into a cultural hotspot with a flourishing arts district Al Quoz, a 21st- century museum and an Opera.

There are few places in this world offering such an amalgamation of cultures. Dubai is a melting pot of the east and the west, the modern and the historic. There is literally something to suit everyone’s taste.

Whether you are a fashion enthusiast, a traveler, a culture magnet or just a fun loving person, Dubai offers all of it.

Dubai Desert Safari Tours

Despite having a worldwide image of being a shopper’s heaven, Dubai has significant cultural roots and traditions.

Many of the world’s top architectural structures are here and yet it treasures in best ways the age old traditions. You can have immense fun out here. There are various adventurous attractions like thrilling Dubai Desert Safari tours that can be experienced while visiting the popular places displaying Dubai’s rich culture.

This safari tour comes highly recommended.

Traditions in Dubai - join a safari tour
Traditions in Dubai – join a safari tour

Renting a Yacht in Dubai

Dubai is well known for its elegant range of yachts.

Renting a yacht in Dubai is one of the popular ways of celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, small parties and much more. The culture and traditions of people change from place to place and it has been evolving over the centuries in this city.

The costumes play an important role in any city’s culture and respecting the tradition is a good option when visiting a foreign place. Men and women have the different costume when compared to other countries. Men wear long dresses made of Kondura white cotton while women wear beautiful long dresses with long sleeves complementing it with gold.

Women have to wear a head scarf and different types of a veil to cover their faces. These are mandatory as a national costume and also to adapt to the very hot and humid climate. You can go ahead with any of the certified companies to rent a yacht in Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina

The city’s past can be discovered on Dubai Creek and the artefacts are kept in the museum called Sharuq Al- Hadid, which is in the Shindagha district.

The culture of Dubai is filled with fascinating stories, traditions and crafts. There are many tours of Abu Dhabi’s cultural attractions that give the visitors a unique and interesting insight into the traditions and customs. Dubai’s scenic beauty can be experienced while on a Dhow Cruise Dubai that will also cover the traditional and cultural places located there.

While on Dhow Cruise, the gigantic Dubai skyscrapers and traditional architecture can also be experienced, which will make the vacation a memorable one. There are a handful of operators offering dhow cruise dinner in Dubai Marina that you can choose from (book a dhow cruise).

Dubai’s Museums and Outdoor Spots

One can also choose to spend a day in museums and get to know about Dubai’s rich customs and history.

The people who are interested in knowing about nature and want to live closer to it can choose to go to Musandam Dibba. Located just 5 hours from Dubai, it has everything a nature lover wants. The place has big mountain ranges and has a pleasant climate that is perfect to spend the vacation. This place is also very popular for lots of varieties of fish and marine life.

Dubai’s Everyday Culture

While in Dubai, residents from every corner of the earth can be found and mingle with one another. There is also the sound of mosques that can be heard during prayer time. In the coffee shops and restaurants, one can hear the people talking in Arabic and the sweet smell of Arabian Shisha, which is common in the Arab countries. All these things are a part of Dubai’s everyday culture and can be experienced by the tourists visiting the city.

Fishing in Dubai

Fishing in Dubai is the best way to relax amidst all the adventures done in the city. The professional companies in Dubai have all the latest equipment with boats that can guide you and help you in fishing.

Hospitality from Locals

With all these activities in Dubai, it shouldn’t be surprising if a local family invites you for some refreshments. They might be reserved but hospitality plays an important role in Dubai as they welcome newcomers and strangers very graciously.

The visitors should be polite in accepting their invitation as it is a way to show respect to the Arabic family. While on a vacation, it is very important to explore the culture and traditions of that particular place as they are very different from other countries.

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