When you hear about Dubai from your friends and relatives who have visited the city, all you come across are the giant buildings, huge shopping malls, tallest building in the world (here’s how to get into Burj al Arab), fancy attractions, huge shopping malls and luxurious lifestyle.

Though these things add to the beauty of Dubai, they are just one half of what the actual city is. Trust us when we say that Dubai has a number of things that you will be able to knock off your bucket list.

Dubai, itself, is a seven-star city where people from any age group can get awestruck. Therefore, it wasn’t difficult to make a list of crazy things to do in Dubai, because any time you travel to this incredible city, you are offered unlimited craziness to enjoy and explore.

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15 crazy things to do in Dubai

1. Skydiving in Dubai

Dubai has become a premier location for all the sky divers from around the world, thanks to SkyDive. With a skydive from 130 000 feet above the Palm Jumeirah, it makes for a thrilling experience and should be tried by everyone, who wants to have an adrenaline thumping time.

2. Drive Formula 1 Cars

Driving a Formula 1 racing car is almost like a dream for everyone in the world and this can only be fulfilled in Dubai at the Dream Racing. You can turn your dream into reality where a team of professional Formula 1 racers offer a real, once in a lifetime experience of Formula 1 car driving.

Crazy things to do in Dubai - Drive Formula 1 Cars
Drive Formula 1 Cars in Dubai

3. Dubai shopping festival

While not such a crazy things to do in Dubai, this is a crazy experience for shoppers! DDSF Offers are one of the most popular attractions for tourists all around the world. The Shopping Festival in Dubai has reported to have attracted more than 3 million visitors for this month-long shopping extravaganza every year and the number only seems to increase every year. DSF offers let people enjoy shopping for exclusive brands at unbelievable prices.

Dubai shopping festival
Dubai shopping festival

4. Fly Boarding

Dubai has become a rather popular place for providing outstanding water sports, despite being known as a desert city. Flyboarding is one of the most popular water activities that has seen famous celebrities like Tom Cruise and Vin Diesel enjoying it.

5. iFly Dubai

An indoor skydiving centeriFly Dubai lets you enjoy a flying experience. This is a perfect place for adventure seekers to enjoy the closest thing to flying. The place is known for having the first ever double and vertical wind tunnel in the world. iFly Dubai is safe for children above 3 years of age.

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6. Shark Dives

Take your craziness to the next level with diving in a 10 million litre aquarium in the Dubai Mall, with 750 pounds and over 300 deadly sharks. Experience a thrill to last a lifetime by coming face to face with the world’s largest collection of Sand Tiger sharks. Non-certified divers and anyone above 10 years of age can enjoy diving by taking a short course.

7. Swimming with Dolphins

One of the most sophisticated home for dolphins is the Dolphin Bay in Dubai. You can avail the opportunity of swimming with the dolphins for an unforgettable experience. You can interact with the dolphins, by standing in the shallow waters, or by swimming or by scuba diving with the dolphins.

Access to the Dubai Dolphinarium is included in the Dubai Unlimited Attractions Pass.

8. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping has arrived in Dubai at Gravity Zone that brings a 50 meters’ bungee jumping experience in the city. This bungee jumping is one of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. You can even request to increase the height if you are brave enough to take part in this sport.

9. Dinosaur themed 6D Cinema

Visit the Thrill Zone at the Oasis Centre for an ultimate experience of Dinosaur themed 6D Cinema. This place has taken the cinema world to a new level 6D cinema that creates an interesting ambience with rain, wind and fog and over 400 chair movements in a second.

10. Atlantis Underwater Suite

You should not miss the opportunity of spending a night in one of the luxurious Atlantis Underwater Suites, if you have a high budget. The place even offers two underwater suites with a mesmerizing view of 65000 marine creatures through the top to floor glass window.

11. Deep Sea Diving

The increasing popularity of water sports and activities in Dubai, the list of water sports cannot be completed with scuba diving. Deep sea diving lets you explore the sea marines underwater after providing a wide range of courses from beginners to instructors.

12. Desert Safari

Last but not least, a place that is known as a desert region, this list cannot be completed without mentioning Desert Safari. You can go on a 4×4 desert safari while exploring the flora and fauna of the deserts and spend a night at the desert camp. Read more about dune bashing in Dubai.

Included in the Dubai Unlimited Attractions Pass.

13. Hot air balloon

Why not explore the city from the sky? Take a unique hot air balloon expedition over the heart of the Arabian Desert with breakfast at a desert camp that will surely be an experience of a lifetime. Not only will you be able to see the skies take on gorgeous colours, wandering camels on the ground, and glorious views all via sky Dubai!

14. Atlantis Aquaventure & Lost Chambers Aquarium

Once again Dubai has a number of thrill-seeking water-based attractions too. This one is the renowned Atlantis Aquaventure & Lost Chambers Aquarium. This incredible location will not only give you an incredible adrenaline rush but its suitable for both adults and kids! You will also have an opportunity to marvel at all of the marine animals that they have.

15. Ski Dubai Snow Classic Pass

For those of you looking to escape the heat and enjoy a snow-themed adventure then this is the place to be. This 4,500 square meter Snow Park is an exhilarating experience which offers countless hours of entertainment options. You have the option including wall climbing, snowball fighting, Bobsledding, Tubing Run, Snow Bumpers, Climbing Wall, Zorb Ball (Giant Snowball), and more.

Included in the Dubai Unlimited Attractions Pass.

**16. Dubai Marina: Yacht Tour

Yes, we were that excited that we needed to add an extra another activity to our list of crazy things to do in Dubai. Now forget what you know about regular yachting experiences because Dubai is doing it differently. You can now explore Dubai’s top landmarks via a luxury yacht tour experience. You will depart from the famous Dubai Marina and be served a decadent breakfast of full BBQ whilst exploring!

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The reality is that Dubai has a number of crazy things to do in Dubai. One that will have you exploring the lands, other venturing up into the skies and others that will have you touring the waters. Essentially, there is everything under the Dubai sun that will keep you entertained and making memories that will last a lifetime!


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