Winter Sports are one form of travel most under threat from Climate Change. Being a responsible tourist doesn’t have to be difficult.

Let’s take responsibility for our travel!

Here are some tips for reducing your ecological footprint and being a responsible tourist on your winter break:

1. Choose a resort that makes the environment a priority. Do your own research to find a sustainable resort that focuses on being proactive.

2. Try to avoid flying to the resort. You can go by rail or even bus to most resorts in Europe. If you go by car, then it is best to take a fuel efficient one with 3 or more passengers. Be a responsible tourist and only fly if you really have to. You can get a Eurail Global Pass (for non-Europeans) or an Interrail Global Pass (for Europeans) online before you go.

3. Use public transport instead of your own car at the resort. Many resorts have free shuttle buses.

4. Don’t leave the heating on full when you are not in your apartment, chalet or hotel. Rooms will heat up fast, once you return.

5. Short showers use less hot water and therefore less energy than long baths.

6. Buy local, in season produce when shopping for food. The energy expended getting exotic food to a ski resort can be huge.

7. Don’t litter. Use the bins provided. Get a portable ash can for cigarettes – one cigarettes stub can pollute a cubic metre of water.

8. In many of the French Ski resorts the supermarket chain Sherpa offers to take back unused tinned and boxed food. Preventing waste and saving money.

9. Try to purchase environmentally friendly, ski and snowboard equipment and clothes. Also use environmentally friendly waxes. Don’t throw away your gear at the end of the season. Sell it on ebay or give to others to help cut down the waste.

10. Segregate your rubbish and use the recycling facilities provided at most resorts.

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Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint on a Winter Sports Trip


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