Ireland is a perfect destination for anyone who is wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, of the push and pull of technology, and the stresses of our daily jobs. And camping in Ireland is your best way to truly break-free from your usual daily stresses.

For decades Ireland has held the secret to re-building our relationship with nature, to getting back to our wilds roots, and in particular to camping and hiking.

In fairness, Ireland is a pretty safe country, and has very little wildlife trying to harm you. As long as you ask permission before pitching your tent on private land, you won’t be risking very much. Some of these areas are remote, its a good idea to bring a GPS, compass and maps so you don’t get lost!

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Camping in Ireland
Best places to go camping in Ireland.

Here are some of the best places to go camping in Ireland

Sherkin Island, West Cork

Close to the tiny fishing town of Baltimore, this island hosts the O’Driscoll clan castle near the pier for you to wonder at. There is a lovely community with a buzzing energy that you can interact with.

The island is relatively small and can even be explored on foot. Only a short and cheap ferry ride to lovely beaches, lush greenery, and a great community, you would be missing out if you didn’t visit Sherkin Island.

Omey Island, Claddaghduff, Connemara

Omey Island is a tidal island, meaning that you can sit and watch the tide come in, covering the path to the mainland, and placing a peaceful barrier between you and modern-day life.

The Aughrus peninsula is a wild and beautiful place to pitch your tent, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean just in reach. This is a very small island with only a handful of inhabitants, so you will want to stock up on supplies before the tide comes in. There is no electricity and only primitive camping so some type of portable solar charger equipment is a good idea to bring!

Sky Road, Connemara, Ireland
Sky Road, Connemara, Ireland

The Bear Penninsula, Cork/Kerry

You may have heard of the Iveragh Peninsula. Well, the Beara Peninsula has the same rugged landscape with only half the tourists milling around. You can walk, cycle, or drive this peninsula and will have plenty of places to pitch your tent and watch the sunset. Hiking in this area in particular can be very enjoyable, given that you may be the only person on the hiking trail!

Blacksod Bay, Belmullet, Mayo

Located in the most westerly part of Ireland, Belmullet is a beautiful village to visit and leave your worries behind you. The history of the village and the family run businesses that populate it will entice anyone to have a look, and the locals are always great for a laugh and a pint.

The Fallmore beach is a great spot to visit, where you can see epic views of Achill Island and Blacksod Bay, but be warned – this is an exposed area and it is not advices to pitch a tent here, unless you want to get blown away by the wind!

So, there you are! The best places for hiking and camping in Irelan

d. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is definitely a great place to start. Have fun visiting the Emerald Isle!


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