For geeks with money, Yodobashi Akiba is heaven – nine stories stuffed full of hi tech equipment, regarded by many as the world’s largest electronics store, and in the centre of Tokyo’s geek district Akhihabara.

The World’s Largest Electronics Store in Tokyo

Yodobashi is actually a fairly well known electronics chain in Japan, but this store goes above and beyond their normal offerings — towering over the JR (Tokyo’s suburban rail system) Akihabara station, it’s adorned in brightly coloured cartoon characters you couldn’t miss even if you wanted to.

And why would you? As well as selling nearly every electronic gadget a geek could hope for (although admittedly for the really far out stuff you’ll need to hit the backstreets of Akihabara), it’s also home to a restaurant on the eighth should a shopper be in need of light refreshment whilst spending their hard-earned yen.

It’s family friendly, so expect to see kids whizzing around (especially in the toy model department) but the aisles are so wide it shouldn’t be a problem.

It also holds familiarization lessons for buyers, seminars/demos and there’s a golf shop.

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